In order to facilitate consultation and location of parts in its extensive item brochure, which contains all products offered to the market, Sabó presents its online electronic brochure.


To install it, simply enter our website,, go to the Aftermarket tab, click on the link Brochure. Instantly, a screen opens, displaying the message "Install your Electronic Brochure Here". In a few minutes, by filling out a short and simple registration form, you will be able to access all the information necessary. Updates, when needed, are automatically carried out online, as soon as the brochure is open.


Items can be found through keywords, codes/reference numbers, application, automaker or, even, through the group to which they belong (light commercial, utility, heavy duty, utility/rural and motorcycle lines and technical brochure).


There are also fields that make it possible to create a custom list of parts, an area for informatives, a Contact Us session and, also, the Sabó Customer Service Central.


Our goal is to shorten search time, streamlining service and the location of parts, for both the repairer, that needs to easily find the required item, as the shop clerk, who needs to have a prompt response for his customer”, says Marcus Vinicius P. Silva, Aftermarket Sales Director for Sabó South America.


For questions or clarifications on the installation process, please contact Sabó Customer Service through the telephone number 0800 77 12 155.





Paula Skoretzky

Press Officer

Phone: +55 11 96765-5957